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How to Make Nutella Marshmallows

We seriously can't get enough Nutella in my house.  In fact, we go to Costco and stock up on 3 life size jars at once.  When I come home from work, and my kids have been home from school for literally a minute before me, there are little chocolate fingerprints on the pantry doors.  When I inquire, I hear, "no mom, of course we didn't get into the Nutella!"  Um, yeah right.

One day this week, I took a brand new jar of Nutella out of the panty to take to the marshmallow factory and dabble a little bit in a new recipe.  The peanut gallery wanted to know why I was taking their Nutella from the pantry.  Their Nutella.  Well, their loss is your gain.  

For this recipe, you will need a small jar of Nutella.  Here is how to make your own Nutella marshmallows...

1) Follow our basic marshmallow recipe, found here until it's just about time to pull it off the mixer.

2) When your marshmallow batter is at a pourable state - still easy to stir, remove it from the mixer.  

how to make Nutella marshmallows

3) Prep a second bowl by spraying it with cooking spray.

4) Pour about half of your marshmallow into the second bowl.  

how to make Nutella marshmallows

5) Using either half of your batter, scoop a large spoonful of Nutella into your bowl with your partial marshmallow batter.  Mix thoroughly.

how to make Nutella marshmallows

6) Once your Nutella and marshmallow batter are mixed together well, taste it and see if the Nutella flavor is strong enough for you.  It doesn't hurt to add more Nutella if you feel the need.

7) Now pour this mixture back into the other bowl that contains only marshmallow.  Swirl the two together - the plain white marshmallow with the Nutella/marshmallow combination.  Do not mix thoroughly.  Instead, mix to more of a swirl marbled look.   Trust me, they will be really pretty later.how to make Nutella marshmallows

8) Once both mixtures are added back together, pour the entire batter into your prepared pan.  

How to make nutella marshmallows

9) Cover the top of your Nutella marshmallow sheet with powdered sugar.  Let set up for 4-6 hours.  Longer is better.  Overnight is ideal.

how to make Nutella marshmallows

9) After your marshmallows have set up, flip your marshmallow sheet on to a cutting board.  Cover the entire sheet in powdered sugar.  

10) Cut to a sharable size and enjoy!

how to make Nutella marshmallows

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