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Private Label

Bring the delectable taste of our gourmet marshmallows to your own customers.  Have a fun and unique concept that you need our help to develop?  Or, not sure where to start?  Let's work together to bring a product to your retail store, to your customers or to your corporate event, especially branded for you.  We can help you with product selection, packaging ideas and fulfillment.   We'll assemble and ship your product directly to you or to your customers.

We have worked with some of the country's most premier brands to bring gourmet marshmallows to customers nationwide.  

Some private label ideas include:

  • S'mores pops
  • S'mores kits branded with your name
  • Marshmallow squares in a custom box
  • Stuffed marshmallows in a custom bag
  • Marshmallow beverage toppers combined with hot cocoa
  • Hot chocolate cones with custom branding
  • Chocolate marshmallow treats

We manufacture our products in-house and our facility is audited annually by a third party.

Contact us today to get started!

Telephone: (435) 315-0045 (shop) or (253) 350-3699 (cell)

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