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madyson's marshmallows - gourmet marshmallowsThe story of Madyson's Marshmallows began when 4 year old Madyson asked "how do you make a marshmallow, anyway?" Madyson and her dad started mixing up different recipes together in a small home kitchen. Turns out, the marshmallows were delicious! Soon enough, they were selling hand made marshmallows at local craft fairs on the weekends and as they say, the rest is history.   From a child's sweet curiosity, a family owned gourmet marshmallow company was born.
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    Little Adelayde, Madyson’s younger sister, is always sweetly asking, “what’s my family business going to be, mom?”  Her favorites treats are sour gummi worms, lollipops and jelly beans so why not add Adelayde’s favorites to the family business!  Don't be surprised when you see Sweet Adelayde’s packaged candies at retailers nationwide.  


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