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How to Make Heart Marshmallows

It's Valentine's Day and what's better than a homemade marshmallow treat for your sweetheart?!  Your valentine will love you for this one, trust me.

For this recipe, you will need a few heart shaped silicone molds and a piping bag (in addition to the marshmallow ingredients listed in the homemade marshmallow recipe below).  

Here is how to make your very own heart shaped marshmallows...

1) Follow our basic marshmallow recipe here - how to make homemade marshmallows.

how to make heart marshmallows

2) Purchase any silicone mold with heart shaped cavities - this mini heart silicone mold by Wilton is great because the cavities are deep and the heart marshmallows turn out to be substantial in size.

3) Prep your silicone mold with cooking spray.  Be sure to spray the corners but don't let the spray pool up or you will have yellow marshmallows.

4) When your marshmallow batter is light and fluffy in your mixer and you are ready to pull it off, be sure it looks like it will be pourable and not too thick.  Remember, you'll need to be able to get the batter through your piping bag.  

how to make heart marshmallows

5) Twist the bottom of your piping bag and pour the batter into your bag.  You want to twist the bag because the marshmallow batter could be loose enough to pour out the bottom before you are ready to pipe.  

6) Pipe your marshmallow into the heart shaped cavities of the molds.

how to make heart marshmallows

7) Dust your marshmallows with powdered sugar. 

how to make heart marshmallows

8) Let your heart marshmallows set up for at least 6 hours, or even overnight. When ready, you should be able to easily remove your marshmallows from each cavity. 

9) Roll each marshmallow heart in powdered sugar and you are done!

How to Make Heart Marshmallows

For an extra special Valentine's Day treat, dip your hearts in chocolate.  You can follow our recipe on how to temper chocolate.  Tempered chocolate is ideal for dipping as it will dry and harden quickly and can look very pretty.

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