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10 Ways to Get Creative with S'mores

Here are 10 ways to make a s'more. You probably have some ideas of your own so help us out! Let us know your favorite way to make a s'more by commenting on this post and we'll give it a try.

1) Peanut Butter Cup S'more

This one is a little bit of a beast to eat. But, if you can fit it all in your mouth, you will think you died and went to heaven. We used: two peanut butter cups & Madyson's peanut butter stuffed marshmallows (because we LOVE peanut butter...more is better).

2) Chocolate Banana S'more

This one is good for the digestive track, right? Seriously, it must be. We used: honey graham crackers, sliced banana and a vanilla bean marshmallow. We used: two peanut butter cups & Madyson's peanut butter stuffed marshmallows (because we LOVE peanut butter...more is better).

3) Sugar Cookie S'more

Sugar and more sugar. That's how we roll. We used: Homemade sugar cookies, chocolate and a vanilla bean marshmallow

4) Chocolate Maple Bacon S'more

Bacon makes everything better. The combination of sweet and savory makes this the perfect artisan s'more. You can use either maple marshmallows or maple cookies. We used: maple cookies, Madyson's chocolate stuffed marshmallows, thick cut bacon and a chocolate bar.

Watch us make this Chocolate Maple Bacon S'more on our Youtube channel

5) Peppermint Patty S'more

If you love mint and chocolate, you'll love this s'more. We used: one large peppermint patty and a vanilla bean marshmallow.

6) Chocolate Chip Cookie S'more

The chocolate is already inside the cookie. Genius. Hey, don't let that stop you from adding more. We used: chocolate chip cookies, a chocolate bar and Madyson's chocolate stuffed marshmallows.

7) Chocolate Brownie S'more S'more (S'morownie)

We love making brownies at home so why not combine our two favorite sweets - chocolate gooey brownies and Madyson's gooey marshmallows. We used: homemade brownies, honey graham crackers and a vanilla bean marshmallow.

8) Peanut Butter and Jelly S'more

It's got the protein and the fruit, which means it is a perfectly healthy snack, right? We used: honey graham crackers, all natural peanut butter and our favorite strawberry jelly.

9) Chocolate Graham Cracker S'more

Next time you hit up Starbucks®, grab some chocolate covered graham crackers to make this quick s'more. The chocolate and the graham cracker are included...just add the marshmallow. We used: chocolate covered graham crackers and a vanilla bean marshmallow.

10) The S'moreo

Leave the frosting on the cookie with your toasted marshmallow for an extra surge of sugar. Or, if you are the type that doesn't like to combine the food on your plate, then scrape the frosting off with your teeth first. We used: Oreo® cookies {with the frosting left on} and a vanilla bean marshmallow.

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