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Case of Artisan S'mores Kits - 6 units (item 7048/7047)

Regular price $149.95

This listing is for an entire case of Artisan S'mores Kits.

The Artisan Smores Kit contains everything you need to make really incredible s'mores!  Makes 10 s'mores in each kit.  These kits come in 2 flavors:  

1) Chocolate chip filled marshmallows with Moravian sugar cookies and (Item 7048);

2) Chocolate and peanut butter chip filled marshmallows with chocolate Moravian cookies (Item 7047)

- 6 kits per case

- Makes 10 S'mores

- Each marshmallow is about 1.5"

- No trans fats, no preservatives

- No artificial flavors or colors

- Certified Kosher Dairy

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