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Bulk Stuffed Marshmallows {40 pcs or 2lbs)

Regular price $34.95

Planning a camping trip?  Look no further than Madyson's Marshmallows to help you make your gourmet s'mores around the family campfire!  Our stuffed marshmallows are unique and delicious...your friends and family will love them.  

40 pcs or 2 lbs (depends on flavor), packaged in a zip lock bag or in sealed cello bags (packaging may vary).  No fancy packaging here!

Choose from these flavors:

    • chocolate chip - (40) 1.5" square pieces, natural ingredients (item 2202-cc)
    • chocolate peanut butter chip - (40) 1.5" square pieces, natural ingredients (item 2202-cpb)
    • toffee chip - (40) 1.5" square pieces (item 2202-tc)
    • chocolate mint chip - 2 lbs of size 1 1/8 (item 2202-cmi)
    • sea salt caramel chocolate - 2 lbs of size 1 1/8 (item 2202-ssc)
    • pumpkin spice chocolate chip - 2 lbs or size 1 1/8" (item 2202-psc)


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