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Medicinal Marshmallows

Marshmallows, everyone loves them. Thick, sticky, and sweet, they are the perfect treat for just about any time of the year. Whether you’re huddled around a warm fire on a summer camping trip or adding them to a cup of your favorite hot chocolate on freezing winter days, marshmallows are a favorite. But did you know they were originally used for medicinal purposes?

Marshmallow is actually a native African plant that also grows in European countries. As an herbal treatment, its roots and leaves have been used for over 200 years. Its medicinal properties cure infections, digestion problems, and ease pain. However, it’s greatest advantage is its natural “mucilage,” which creates a protective barrier around membranes. This, in turn, makes it an excellent treatment for a sore throat, coughing and swelling.

Who would have thought the raw form of this tasty treat could also help with the common cold and pain? Well, now you know!

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